About CNB


There’s no apostrophe in our name, CRAWFORDS Nautical Books. We’re plural, not possessive. Co-proprietor Susan and I have operated the business since way back in the previous century – 1990. Our specialty is watery books, of all sorts. Skim through our Categories and you will get an idea of our collection of some 11,000 books. Our business (CNB for short) began as a mail-order business, operated out of our home in Arlington, Virginia where both of us then worked. Since 1993, the home of CNB has been the BOOK BANK on Tilghman Island, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We now live on the Island.

The On-Line Store


We've been listing and selling books on the Internet since 1996. There are thousands of satisfied CNB customers throughout the world. Susan and I try hard to fulfill orders promptly and correctly. I wrap books especially carefully, using new wrapping materials--first kraft paper, then bubble-wrap, then an outer shipping package. Our packages literally will float. And you won't be left wondering about your order. Susan automatically sends a confirmation email as soon as the package leaves Tilghman. Plus, we have our own credit card processing capability.

The Island Store


We are open Saturdays and Sundays 10 to 5pm throughout the year ... weather permitting in the winter.

In our store, in addition to the used-book inventory, we sell a selection of new books consistent with our location. These include books about the Chesapeake Bay area, some children’s books (about the sea), and some nautical fiction (O’Brian, Pope, Forester, and so on.) These new books are not listed here, but feel free to ask if you think we might have it—we’d be happy to sell you a new book.